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Geography- Monday

MONDAY: You will be starting your grography lessons today. First, you will need to copy down the title Geography and the definition from my notebook. Then, you will need to draw a KWL chart. This is where you will list what you already Know, what you Want to know, and later... what you Learned. You will be going back to this page throughout your study of geography to check over what you wrote. Do this now.

OK.. Now you are going to watch a short video about geography. Just click on the picture below.


Go back to your KWL and add anything if you think you want to know more. Then, watch this beautiful video on different land, people, their homes, and their customs of the world.

 Do you need to add anything to your KWL chart? 

Now, we are going to learn about the Compass Rose. Please write the target at the top of the next page in your notebook. (Yes, you can draw the target symbol too. I know it looks neat.) The Compass Rose is what we use to find our way around. Yes, nowadays we use our GPS systems on our phones or in our vehicles... that is true. What you may not realize is that it all started with the compass rose. Click on the picture below and watch the first video to learn more.

   Use this to help you remember the order.

Now, you will need to label and color the compass page for your notebook. Please be careful not to color too darkly over the letters you use to complete the compass rose. MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS USE CAPTIAL LETTERS!!!!! Follow the directions on the side of the page. 

To complete today's lesson, you will practice using the directions. You will read a map about Acorn Park and tell the directions traveled from one place to another. Good luck!