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Course:  PE


Instructor Information:

Tom Sullivan



Email:  tom.sullivan@marion.kyschools.us


Materials Needed:

Athletic type of shoes/workout clothes







Description of Course: 

 During this course we will cover aspects of Physical Fitness and Healthy living lifestyle choices.  Being active and moving is the primary focus in class through a variety of activities such as team sports, individual sports, and strength training.


Course Overview :

  • Every student is expected to take an active role in the education process in this classroom.  That includes participation in class discussion and group activities, also completing all assignment and projects.  Students are expected to study for assessments and practice to achieve mastery. 
  • Classroom learning will take place through many avenues, including class lecture, group projects, hand on activities including labs, and individual work. 

Class Policies:

Your grade for this course will consist of the following:

  1.  Final Exam (20%).  Your final exam will consist of multiple choice questions and 1 essay question. 
  2. Learning Objectives (70%).  Learning objectives will be assessed during summative assessments (test) over each unit.  Each learning objective is worth 3 points.  If student masters the objective, they receive a 3.  Partial mastery is worth 2, and non-mastery receives 1 point.  Students may retake an assessment of a learning objective to increase their mastery score.  However, all assignments for that unit must be completed before a student may retake a learning objective assessment.  Retakes of learning objective assessments must be scheduled for before or after school. 
  3. Assignments (10%).  All assignment for a unit must be completed before a student is eligible to retake learning objectives assessments.  Assignments vary by point value.  Assignments will be accepted late but full credit will not be received for late assignments. 


The student may also request written work from teacher to be taken home for make-up work as well. 

Class Procedures:

  • Leaving class:  you are only allowed to leave class due to an emergency.  Do not ask for any other reason.  You have plenty of time between classes, use your time wisely.   If granted permission, you need to take the hall pass next to the door. 
  • Turning in assignments:  Turn assignments into the appropriate tray in the front of the room. 
  • In case of emergency, please refer to the door at the front of the room for directions. 





Classroom Guidelines:

  1. Be present
  2. Be prepared
  3. Be respectful
  4. Clean up before you leave!
  5. Stay at assigned area or seat until the bell rings. 
  6. Work cooperatively with others in classroom. 
  7. Use only the supplies designated for you use. 
  8. Use equipment appropriately. 
  9. Follow other school guidelines.
  10. Dressing out and changing into separate PE clothes is highly recommended.  Not participating due to not having PE clothes is not an option.  Also students will need to wear appropriate shoes for class.  Open toed shoes, sandals, Sperry’s/boat shoes, etc. are strictly not allowed.


Consequences will be determined based on the severity of the infraction and the number of times it has occurred.  Consequences may include but are not limited to:  last to leave class, writing, referral, call home, removal from labs, plan of action, office visit.    


I, __________________________________________________, understand what is expected of me in this PE class. 


________________________________________                                                     ______________________

Student Signature                                                                                                                           Date



As guardian of the above student, I understand what is expected of them in their PE class. 



______________________________________                                                                           _______________________

Guardian Signature                                                                                                                         Date



Comments, Questions, or Concerns: