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West Marion Elementary
8175 Loretto Rd.
Loretto, KY 40037
5th Grade Teacher

                                                                                                                                        August 9, 2017   

                                                         Welcome to Fifth Grade!!!


Dear Parents and Students, 

     Welcome to the fifth grade! I am very excited about the new school year and working with you. My name is Mary Ann Yates. I was born in Marion County and have lived here all of my life. I am a Saint Catherine College, a Campbellsville University, and an Eastern Kentucky University Graduate. This is my 20th year at WMES. 

     My husband, Richie, and I have a son and a daughter. We also have five young grandchildren. We are big sports fans and cheer for MCHS, UK, and the St. Louis Cardinals! 

     I am looking forward to having you in my classroom. Our classroom is a community. In our community, I want to provide a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for every child. Each student will be given the opportunity and will be challenged to acquire the academic skills needed to progress to the sixth grade. Students will be allowed to develop the social skills that will enable them to make new friends and discover new interests that will benefit them throughout their lives. 

     This will be a very busy and exciting year for your child. If at any time your child has problems or concerns, encourage him/her to talk to me about them. It is much better to get assistance than to worry. I am here to help students grow and learn. I will be glad to give extra help if needed on assignments, to help them solve daily problems, or just to lend an ear when needed. If you have concerns, please send a note or an e-mail, and I will contact you. If we all work together, this should be a successful year for everyone.                


                                                              What to Expect in Fifth Grade

        I am not the only classroom teacher you will have.  The fifth grade will again be “departmentalizing” subjects.  This means that you will have me for Homeroom, Social Studies, Science, Writing,  and Spelling.

You will go to Mrs. Begley for Reading and Writing, and Mrs. Mudd for Math. Homeroom will also consist of Accelerated Reading, Social Studies projects, completing Writing assignments and other misc. classes (Economics, Science, Ky. History, 4H, DARE, etc.). 


      Teachers will work together in order to prevent an excess of homework on any given night.  Students will not usually have weekend homework unless a project has been assigned, but usually these are given with plenty of notice.  Most homework is assigned on Monday, but will not be due until Thursday or Friday.  If students use their time wisely at school, they should not have a lot of work to complete at home.


 If after a couple of weeks you find that homework is taking longer than expected, please let me know.  I will get with the other teachers, and we will work something out.  Students will be expected to study for tests and complete homework assignments, but we do not want them to be overburdened.  So, please help us monitor this.


        In order to help students with organization of materials, we have developed a color-coded folder system for each subject as follows:


Social Studies-yellow    Reading – red       Math – purple          Music – blue


PLANNERS – Students received an assignment planner.  They will be required to record all assignments in the planner daily and get the planner signed by a parent nightly.  This is a good means of communication between teachers and parents.  Be sure to scan through the planner with your child.  Ms. Colvin, our counselor, has carefully selected this planner because of its many tips and strategies for success.  


BEHAVIOR CHARTS - Each Monday the students will be given a behavior chart and will be required to get it signed each night.  I will take up their charts on Monday when I give them a new one.  Below the chart is a number code explaining what each number represents.  We will have a monthly reward party for students who receive 4 numbers or less for the month. Please check your child’s planner nightly for their behavior chart and their homework.  Thanks for your support. 


WRITING – As you many already know, the fifth grade has an emphasis on On-Demand Writing.  We will be doing lots and lots of writing activities.  Students have had lots of writing practice over the years and should be well prepared for this year’s assessment in writing.


SPELLING – Students will be given words on Monday to write 2x nightly with tests on Friday.


SOCIAL STUDIES – Mrs. Yates: Students will be given test study guides for each chapter.  Begin studying these as soon as you get them.  Assignments and Projects vary.


READING – Mrs.Patton: Students will be given vocabulary words and definitions on Monday and will be tested over the words on Friday.  Students will also have a weekly story they will need to read at home at least one time a week.  


ACCELERATED READER – Try to read at least 15 min. each night.  Students will be allowed to take computer tests daily and should have 5-10 points monthly.  Individual goals will be set. 


MATH – Mrs. Mudd: Students will work through a Simple Solutions book this year, as they will be required to complete lessons for homework.  Students will also create an interactive journal.  This journal is their best resource to use to study.  Lastly, vocabulary will be a huge emphasis this year.  Students will create an index card “vocabulary ring” to help them learn the math vocabulary for fifth grade.  Big topics in fifth grade math include…

1. Multiplication and division of whole numbers

2. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals and fractions,  

3. Volume




WRITING – Assignments vary.

ART – Assignments vary: Mrs. Jones

MUSIC – Assignments vary: Mr. Durham

Other homework – varies



TAKE-HOME FOLDERS – Students will bring home graded assignments and test every other Tuesday in a Take-Home folder.  Parents should review the work, sign any tests and return them and the signed comment sheet in the folder.  Newsletters will be sent home in the homework folder.  Please read these carefully.


       ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE WRITTEN ON THE BOARD AND STUDENTS ARE GIVEN TIME DURING THE DAY TO RECORD THEM IN THEIR PLANNERS.  ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO RECORD ASSIGNMENTS “IN DETAIL” JUST AS THEY ARE WRITTEN ON THE BOARD SO THAT THERE IS NO CONFUSION WHEN THEY ARRIVE HOME!!!!  I also have a web page that I will post homework on daily. You will also find a copy of the newsletters that are sent home in the Take-Home folder on my website. 


      If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  We want everyone to be successful and have a great year!!!!!


                                                                                                                        Your 5th Grade Teacher,



                                                                                                                         Mary Ann Yates





***Please sign and date the attached page and return only the attached page to school as soon as possible.  Please keep this newsletter at home to refer to at any time throughout the year. 



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