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Congratulations to GES, LES, and LMS math teachers in grades 4-8 for being selected to work with the Collaborative for Teaching and Learning group.  These teachers will be participating in a 2-year action research project to increase their knowledge of modeling in the mathematics classroom.  Students created idiom examples & non-examples, participated in a gallery walk, and their work has been made into a classroom resource book. #bulldogsloveidioms Students in Mrs. Goatley's class had to Synergize to save Fred, the gummy worm, during Sharpen The Saw. #LeaderInMe Intermediate students had professionals talk to them about their careers. #careerday #collegeandcareerready Mrs. Schlosser is presenting a Louisville Slugger to Mrs. Akers for GES becoming a Proficient School. #glasscockbulldogs #proficientschool Glasscock Elementary was presented with their FIRST EVER Proficiency Banner!!! #glasscockbulldogs #proficientschool Glasscock students participated in Career Day. #collegeandcareerready These 5th graders are now Super Duper Readers and have over 65 Accelerated Reader points. #bulldogslovetoread These 4th graders are now Super Duper Readers and have over 65 Accelerated Reader points. #bulldogslovetoread These 3rd graders are now Super Duper Readers and have over 65 Accelerated Reader points. #bulldogslovetoread This 2nd grader is an Outstanding Reader and has over 50 Accelerated Reader points. #bulldogslovetoread Congratulations GES! GES 3rd graders create abstract animals with geometric shapes. Then they draw the habitat using organic shapes. #shapesareflat #shapesarecool #bulldogsareartists Preschool Ham Days Fun Day! #littlebulldogs #bulldogsloveHamDays Preschool Ham Days Fun Day! #littlebulldogs #bulldogsloveHamDays GES 5th graders won the Pig Pen Relay and 4th graders won the Safety Relay. #bulldogsarefast #bulldogsarewinners GES Kindergarten students are studying mosaics using broken lines. They are creating their own Ham Days inspired mosaic. #bulldogsloveHamDays #bulldogsareartists GES 5th graders in Mrs. Pepper's class are self-reflecting and peer assessing on their Ham Days article. #bulldogscanwrite Kindergarteners from Mrs. Thomas' class and 3rd graders from Mrs. Nelson's class were synergizing on a Ham Days project today. #bulldogssynergize #bulldogsareleaders Thanks to Autria Calhoun for singing the National Anthem at our Morning Meeting. #wowzers #shecansing Born Learning Academy was a success! #bulldogsarelearners August Students of the Month. #bulldogsareleaders Mrs. Nelson's 3rd graders working hard during close reading. #bulldogscanread Thanks to David Phillips for being our first Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students). #bulldogdad Ms. Reynolds' class enjoying the nice weather, read Pop's Bridge in the outdoor classroom. #bulldogsarereaders #bulldogsloveoutside 3rd graders drawing landscapes and choosing weather patterns to demonstrate expressive lines. #artandscience #imagination #lineshavefeelingstoo #bulldogsareartists Mrs. Goatley's 4th & 5th graders played dulcimers with Mrs. Lockard in music. #bulldogsaremusicians #bulldogsaretalented Congrats to this 5th grader for having over 65 Accelerated Reader points and being a Super Duper Reader. #bulldogscanread These Kindergarteners stayed on blue and/or green for the entire month of August. #bulldogsareleaders 1st graders had a blast teaching each other what it means to mimic. #bulldogsarescientists
This 4th grader taught volts to the rest of the 4th grade class. #bulldogsarescientists 5th graders participated in Flashlight Friday. #brightreaders #leadersshine Students in fifth grade are reviewing line styles and line directions in art class with Mrs. Lockard. A special goodbye to Riku who is moving back home to Japan. GES will miss you! Mrs. Rawlings' class was the Super Hero of the Week for Mr. Overstreet. GES students are working hard on fitness testing. GES Fourth graders are completing circuits in Science with Mrs. Burke. GES Fourth graders are completing circuits in Science with Mrs. Burke. GES Fourth graders are completing circuits in Science with Mrs. Burke. Glasscock students are given a gift bag with books to read to their new baby brothers and sisters. Glasscock second graders are creating a 3-D playground that demonstrates line directions in art class with Mrs. Lockard. Glasscock third graders are studying non-objective art through line styles and line direction in art class with Mrs. Lockard. Glasscock fourth graders were asked to draw two line directions then turn those lines into an artwork that is realistic or abstract in art class with Mrs. Lockard. Glasscock second graders from Mrs. Green's class working hard in math centers. Glasscock second graders from Mrs. Green's class working hard in math centers. Thanks to Sami and Marti Tungate for singing the National Anthem during our Morning Meeting. Glasscock first graders were excited to check out books for the first time! #readersbecomeleaders GES 3rd graders showing WOW work in the hallways. Thanks to Katelyn and Samantha Daugherty for singing the National Anthem during the morning meeting. GES office staff: Mrs. Sherry VanWhy, attendance clerk; Mrs. Jean Garrett, administrative assistant; Mrs. Angie Akers, Principal; Mr. Matthew Reed, Assistant Principal; Ms. Kristy Newton, nurse; Mrs. Annette Dennison, Counselor. GES Special Area teachers: Mrs. Angela Burke, science; Mr. Talbin Overstreet, PE, Mrs. Lee Morgeson, Library; Mrs. Betty Benningfield, Reading Intervention; Mrs. Sarah Lockard, Arts & Humanities; Mrs. Lori Milby, Speech Therapist. GES ECE teachers: Mrs. Jeri Kay Adams, Mr. Michael Wright and Mrs. Kim Mudd. GES Fifth grade teachers: Mrs. Daily Goatley, Ms. Kellie Wise and Mrs. Kelsie Pepper. GES Fourth grade teachers: Mrs. Jessica Veatch, Mrs. Daily Goatley and Mrs. Amanda Carrico. GES Third grade teachers: Mrs. Karen Nelson, Ms. Devin Reynolds, Mrs. Lena Murphy and Ms. Abby Browning. GES Second grade teachers: Mrs. Alicia Kelly, Mrs. Ashley Green, Mrs. Karen O'Daniel and Ms. Abby Browning. GES First grade teachers: Mrs. Sydney Cox, Mrs. Ara Tungate, Mrs. Patti Davis and Mrs. Kelly Rawlings. GES Kindergarten teachers: Mrs. Melissa Hutchins, Mrs. Libby Barlow (doing maternity leave for Mrs. Hutchins), Mrs. Ashley Thomas and Mrs. Jamie Smothers. GES Kindergarten Instructional Assistants: Ms. Denise Edelen, Mrs. LouAnn Thompson and Mrs. Ruby Veatch. GES Preschool teachers: Mrs. Sarah Brussell, Mrs. Ashley Lamkin and Mrs. Kaitlin Mattingly. GES Preschool Instructional Assistants: Mrs. Marty Simpson, Ms. Megan Caldwell and Mrs. Sherry Clark. GES Family Resource Center: Mrs. Kristin Trottier, Mrs. Amy Newton and Mr. Danny Marks. GES lunch ladies: Margaret Stumph, Karen Kirkland, Lisa Carrico, Martha Willard, Kristal Spalding, Mary Harmon and Mary Ann Livers. Some of our retired teachers celebrating on the first day of school.

Current News

2015-16 KPREP Testing Results

Marion County Public Schools has been named a Distinguished and Progressing District based on 2015-16 state assessment data. The release of 2015-16 Unbridled Learning results on Thursday, September 29, 2016, also identified several district schools for their exemplary performance on the most recent round of state assessments.

  • Calvary Elementary: Distinguished
  • Glasscock Elementary: Proficient, Progressing 
  • Lebanon Elementary: Proficient, Progressing 
  • West Marion Elementary: Distinguished, Progressing, School of Distinction
  • Lebanon Middle: Needs Improvement, Progressing
  • St. Charles Middle: Distinguished, Progressing, School of Distinction
  • Marion County High: Proficient

Congratulations Marion County – a place where you’re always getting closer to your dream!


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