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Return-to-School Student Information form and FAQ's for MCPS re-entry plan


Please fill out our Return-to-School Student Information form by August 5. On this form, you'll select either In-Person or Distance-Learning for the 2020-2021 school year for your children. 

If you're unsure about which to select, you can view our entire re-entry plan or read through our FAQ's below. We are regularly updating this page. To submit a question, please fill out our Q&A form here.




Q: If my child enrolls in Distance-Learning will he/she still be able to walk at graduation?

A: Yes.


Q: What are the acceptable masks? 

A: Our Regional Health Department shared the graphic below outlining mask recommendations:

Face covering recommendations


Q: What is MARVEL and how do I apply?

A: You can read about our MARVEL program here.


Q: What happens if I sign my child up for In-Person learning but then want to change to Distance-Learning? What if I want my child to change from Distance-Learning to In-Person?

A: Students can transition from In-Person learning to Distance-Learning at any time. To transition from Distance-Learning to In-Person learning, we’ve designated re-entry dates scheduled for every four weeks throughout the year.


Q: Will schools have the same hours of operation?

A: Yes.


Q: Will high school students switch classes and have different teachers for each subject?

A: Yes.


Q: If I select Distance-Learning will my child still be able to participate in activities such as athletics and band?

A: Yes.


Q: Can students wear face shields instead of masks?

A: No. Cloth masks are required based on guidelines from health experts. They’ve also been shown to be more effective than face shields. 


Q: What if my child has a condition that precludes him/her from wearing a mask but I want him/her to enroll In-Person?

A: You’ll need to provide a doctor’s note indicating that your child cannot wear a mask. 


Q: Can my child spend part of the day as an In-Person student and part of the day as a Distance-Learning student?

A: No. This would not be a feasible option.


Q: Will there be meals provided for those who select Distance-Learning?

A: Yes. We have a USDA waiver that will allow for meal distribution for those enrolled in Distance-Learning. They would receive five days worth of food. We are still working on how those meals would be distributed.


Q: Will Chromebooks be provided for students who select Distance-Learning?

A: Yes.

Q: What will a day of Distance-Learning look like?

A: With Distance-Learning, students are assigned a teacher (or teachers) who will provide instruction and work with students; Distance-Learning is not strictly a program or app-based approach, although some teachers may choose to make use of online resources. Students will likely interact with the teacher and classmates using video conferencing or online discussions. Students will attend these classes five days a week at specified times just like a traditional school day. Distance-Learning is not a self-paced curriculum. Instead, you should think of Distance-Learning as being very similar to a typical school day, only students are using technology to join the class. That doesn't mean students will spend all day only doing computer-based assignments. Ultimately, the specifics of how a particular class operates using Distance-Learning will be determined by the teacher.


Q: If I choose Distance-Learning, will I still be able to participate in extracurricular activities/athletics?

A: Yes.


Q: What about home school?

A: First, it's important to make sure you understand what home school is and what it is not. Home school is an option parents have to provide their own academic curriculum at home instead of sending students to a public school. Students would not be eligible to participate in public school athletics, clubs, or other extra-curricular activities. This is not the same as our Distance-Learning option. If you are planning to home school your child, please make contact with our Director of Pupil Personnel Tim Lyons at (270) 692-3721.



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