Welcome Jessica McCubbin principal

Veteran educator Jessica McCubbin has been selected to lead Glasscock Elementary School as its next principal. McCubbin follows Angie Akers who recently became the Director of Pupil Personnel for MCPS.

McCubbin said she applied for the position in part because of the school’s positive reputation.

“I know people who worked [at Glassock] previously, I know people who work there currently, I know people who work in this district, and every time Glasscock Elementary gets brought up, I always hear, ‘That’s a great school,’ So I’ve always thought of Glasscock as one of Marion County’s great schools,” she said. “When I saw Glasscock had an opening, and knowing all these people who had told me how it was a great school and had all these great teachers, I was really excited about the opportunity.”

McCubbin comes to the school district from Taylor County Public Schools where she most recently served as an assistant principal at Taylor County Intermediate School. During her career, McCubbin has also served as a math and English teacher, a technology integration specialist, and also worked with the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative.

During her time as a teacher, McCubbin created a personalized and blended learning classroom which eventually led to her transitioning to her role as a technology integration specialist. And while she knows she’ll need to learn how Glasscock and its teachers operate, she also says she would look forward to sharing her expertise with the faculty.

“I’m a proponent of blended learning and I would be happy to be a support for any teacher who wants to learn more about it,” she said. “Honestly, I feel most teachers do think about blended learning. You almost have to because the students come to us being digital natives and we have to capitalize on that to keep them engaged and keep them learning.”

While she says there’ll be a strong emphasis on academic success, in the short-term, McCubbin says she’s most excited about getting to know the school’s staff and families.

“We always want to look at increasing student learning. That’s going to be the goal every year. Instructionally I’m excited about seeing what they're doing currently. But the main focus is going to be building relationships with all the stakeholders: teachers, families, students.”

McCubbin and her husband, Barry, live in Campbellsville, and have two children: their daughter Peyton, 19, who will be a sophomore at the University of Kentucky, and their son Jaxon, 15, who will be a sophomore at Taylor County High School.