Hybrid Schedule
You should have received a voice call, text, and email regarding the Hybrid A/B schedule and which day your household has been assigned. Households are assigned as either 'A' day or 'B' day. In the event that MCPS moves to a Hybrid A/B schedule, 'A' day students will attend in-person on Mondays and Tuesdays; 'B' day students will attend in-person on Thursdays and Fridays. Wednesday will be an NTI day for all students.

Full Distance Option
As we start transitioning from distance learning to in-person instruction, we need to know if you would prefer that your student remain a full-time distance learner. If you would prefer to remain enrolled in Distance-Learning full-time, please contact us at 270-692-3223. 

Upcoming Dates

-January 22nd--2nd grading period ends
-January 25th--Re-entry date
-January 28th--Picture Retakes
-February 12th--100th Day of School
-February 15th--No School
-February 22nd--Re-entry date
-Mar. 1st-5th—Reading Celebration—Theme(Reading Without Limits)
-Mar. 12th—Staff Development(NO STUDENTS)—ALL STAFF WORK DAY
-Mar. 19th—3rd grading period ends
-Mar. 22nd—Re-Entry Date
-Apr. 5th-Apr. 9th—SPRING BREAK
-Apr. 26th—Re-Entry Date
-May 26th—4th grading period ends
-May 26th—Last day of school for students
-May 27th—Closing day for staff

From Ms. Kim-FRC

For All Parents/Guardians of Bulldogs, Glasscock Family Resource has some special activities starting Monday, January 25th that the kids can participate in whether virtual, hybrid, or in person. Glasscock Family Resource will be hosting a Valentine Decorated Box Contest where the kids can make valentine boxes, decorate them, and then submit them in to entered for a chance to win a great prize giveaway! We are so excited to see all great boxes! If your looking for ideas, they have several online too. Dates are: Monday, January 25- February 10th. The winner will be announced on Friday, February 12th. 

February 12th will be the 100th day of school. Glasscock Family Resource will be celebrating this by using the Theme of: A 100 years from now we will share our memories of reaching 100 people with Random Acts of Kindness! How that works would be: From January 25th-February 10th- everyone will have the chance to participate by doing random acts of kindness and notifying us to let me know what they have done and for each random act of kindness completed their name will go into a bucket for chance to win a prize giveaway basket! Examples of kindness acts: Following directions at home and at school, listening to an adult, being kind to other classmates, making a card/cards for a resident in the nursing home, etc. 

Family Resource will be working to collect 100 cards to send to the residents at the nursing home/assisted living program here in town, I will need all cards to be turned in by February 10th! For each act of kindness that your child completes, your child's name will be entered for the drawing! 
We are looking forward to seeing all the Valetine Decorated Boxes and random acts of Kindness! Thank You all, Stay Safe, Ms. Kim with Family Resource

*Monday, I will have the prize buckets ready and send the pictures to show. Thank You! 

Thought provoking question:

Before you make a choice, do you consider the benefits and consequences? Why or why not?

Have a great week!