Upcoming dates


-Mar. 19th—3rd grading period ends

-Mar. 22nd—Re-Entry Date

-Apr. 5th-Apr. 9th—SPRING BREAK

-Apr. 26th—Re-Entry Date

-May 26th—4th grading period ends

-May 26th—Last day of school for students

-May 27th—Closing day for staff


Our Spring Book Fair will be open next Monday & Tuesday, March 15 & 16. Any student with money will be allowed to come down to the library to shop.



Reading tip*** 


Parents, when reading at home with children, read unknown words in chunks rather than saying each letter sound in isolation. For example, read "cat" as "c" "at." Not "c" "a" "t." Dog is "d" "og."Sunday is "sun" "day." Grandma is "gr" "and" "ma" or "grand" "ma." 

 Chunking words early in the reading process will help children become more proficient as readers. 


 Achieve 3000 Spotlight:  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vRLI0gr8XICrs5uIPHm2MAz1QlXM-5keCMxIDjmI46-CuJOi8-qzbaDZLnFuv2MPQE7ovhEwbXJq9zN/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000






Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement Website



*****Parents you must send a note if there are any transportation changes. This allows teachers to make sure students get to their correct destination.*****


 From Mrs. Morgeson:


Please make sure your child(ren) are NOT eating around their Chromebooks. We have had several Chromebooks brought in because they aren't working correctly and it's because the keyboard is full of crumbs or the cord is sticky from a spilled drink or melted candy. 



You can download the Box Top app. With the app you are not required to cut out Box Tops anymore. You can easily scan your grocery store receipt and apply it to GES.  Thank you to everyone that participates!!! 

Big Changes For “Box Tops” This School Year - Coupons in the News


 Jump Rope for Heart will end March 19th , so all monies will be due by then

Please help support GES and The American Heart Association


Face mask 😷 care:

Wash or change daily

Proper fit

If you sneeze in it, ask for a different one

Thought Provoking Question:

Talk about a time when you were proud of yourself