Academic Team

On January 22, the MCHS Academic Team defeated Taylor, Washington, and Campbellsville to win the District 20 Governor's Cup championship.  The MCHS Academic Team competed in math, science, social studies, language arts, arts and humanities, composition, and quick recall to defend their title as district champions. The team will advance to regionals on February 19. Listed below are individual awards:

1st place Quick Recall -- Kayla Lancaster, Jeb Hughes, Hayden Robbins, Samuel Cecil, Will Blake, Roseanna Peterson 

Kayla Lancaster -- 1st place Math, 1st place Arts and Humanities

Samuel Cecil -- 1st place Composition, 5th place Math

Hayden Robbins -- 2nd place Science

Jeb Hughes -- 2nd place Social Studies, 2nd place Arts and Humanities

Daisy Hawkins --  2nd place Social Studies

Will Blake -- 1st place Social Studies

Roseanna Peterson -- 2nd place Language Arts

Mandy Courtwright -- 4th place Language Arts