I hope this email finds you well! It's an exciting time around here. Teachers and staff were given the opportunity for their second dose of the Covid vaccine this week, and our students who want to come in person get to return on Monday! We can't wait to see their faces!

Announcements from the Office
On Monday, 3/8, all students can come to in person school every day (we are no longer on a hybrid schedule). If you choose for your child to remain a distance learner, you may still do so. All students who want to come in person can come on Monday, 3/8. After Monday, our next re entry date is March 22nd.  

There is no school on Friday, 3/12. This is a staff development day that was already on our school calendar.

All library books returned in the week March 8-11 earns you a piece of candy!! This even includes books you may have from your elementary schools. If you have no late books, you can earn a piece of candy too.

Prizes for the Reading Celebration will be drawn this week. Thanks to FRYSC (big shout out to Van Gadberry) and MCPS for funding this year's books and prizes.

Students, please bring earbuds to school!

Progress reports will be sent home this week.

Starting 3/8, all 6th grade students learning virtually will follow a new daily schedule. A new Google Classroom is being created to make this transition simple and easy. Virtual students will be added to the new classroom automatically. Students will still meet daily with their same teachers and will still access daily announcements and assignments in their regular Google Classrooms. The only change is the order of the classes. The new Classroom will host the Meet links for all teachers. The 6th grade virtual learning schedule will be
1st period - Reading/STEM*
2nd period - Exploratory
3rd period - ELA
4th period - Math
5th period - Social Studies
6th period - Science
*Students in Mrs. Wood's and Mrs. Allen's reading classes will not have daily Google Meets. They will work on assignments during first period.

Announcements from the Classroom
Camelot Social studies - Unit test on Thursday over Ancient China.

Merlin Science - Test on Thursday over our Chemical Reactions unit. Study guides will be completed on Wednesday.

6th grade ELA - We will finish our study on nonfiction text structures this week.  

Camelot Science with Mrs. Wood - Students will be participating in some chemical reactions experiments this week concentrating on endothermic and exothermic reactions.

Reading with Mrs. Wood - We will be finishing the novel study on "The Dead and the Gone" and beginning the graphic novel "Ed Deafo" by Cece Bell.

General Music - Students will begin learning how to create music in edu.BandLab.com, an online program, on March 10th. Students, make sure all missing work is complete so you have more time to create music in the style you choose. Also, big congratulations to Layla Moffit who completed 100 levels in the Theta music program. Excellent work!

7th grade Math - Chapter 5 Inequalities test will be Thursday, March 11th. We will begin reviewing for MAP the following week.

7th grade Pre Algebra - Chapter 6 Ratios and Proportions test will be Thursday, March 11th. We will begin reviewing for the midterm the following week.

Want to run track?
For any current 7th grader who is interested in running track for the high school, there is a meeting on March 10th in the high school cafeteria at 3:30.

Baseball & Softball
For our baseball and softball players, coaches should be in contact soon. Games begin April 12th.

Volleyball - Silver
3/8 - 7th/8th grade against New Haven
3/9 - 7th/8th grade against Bloomfield
3/10 - 6th grade against OKH
3/11 - 7th/8th grade against OKH
3/12 - 8th grade against St. Catherine

Volleyball - Maroon
3/8 - 7th/8th grade against St. Augustine
3/9 - 7th/8th grade against Washington Co
3/10 - 6th grade against Bardstown
3/11 - 7th/8th grade against North Washington

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