We are so excited that our students are back in the building! It was a great first week that ended in rewards for students who have continued to work hard through the adversity of this year. I hope you remembered to change your clocks!

Announcements from the Office
ESS Opportunities - We have lots of opportunities for students to stay after school to receive help in their classes! All ESS is 3:30-4:30. We can provide bus transportation home, but students need to let the teachers know three days in advance so we can make arrangements. Our ESS schedule is below.
Mondays - All subjects with Ms. Cobb and Math with Mrs. Bardin
Wednesdays - All subjects with Mrs. Wood and Math with Mrs. Bardin
Thursdays - All subjects with Ms. Cobb
Fridays - All subjects with Ms. Cobb

Makeup school pictures will be March 30th.

Our next and last round of MAP testing will be March 22-April 2nd.

Parents, if you have any pictures you'd like to submit for yearbook, you can easily share them using this link https://www.hjeshare.com/eShare/. The code is mcms21. You can submit photos of your child learning virtually, participating in spirit week, playing sports, etc.

Please bring a charged chromebook and your charger to school each day.

Our SMILE Club will meet Thursday after school in Mrs. Burkhead's room.

Announcements from the Classroom
6th grade Math - TEST will be Wednesday - Measures of Center/Measures of Central Tendency (statistical question, mean, median, mode and outlier)

Camelot Science with Mrs. Wood - We will be having our chemical reactions test on Friday March 19th.

Reading with Mrs. Wood - We will be reading the graphic novel El Deafo next week.

Reading with Mrs. Vance-- We will be taking the final test on Holes on Monday. Please make sure to be competing any missing assignments. Friday, March 19, will be your last day with me. Monday, March 22, you will return to STEM with Mr. Hardin.

6th grade ELA - We will continue to work on text structure next week. We will have a quiz on Friday.

Merlin Science - Test on Monday. Study guides were completed Thursday.

General Music- Students are creating their own music with an educational online music looping program. Any student failing class needs to work on missing work before creating his/her own instrumental music. 

7th grade Science - We are continuing our playlist on kinetic and potential energy. Students will take a test next week.

7th grade ELA - We are reading informational texts about the Civil Rights Movement. Lancelot students are going to the library on Thursday - please look for any library books you may have at home and return them to Mrs. May.