Hello all!  I hope you are doing well and you are able to enjoy the weekend!  For me, life is finally starting to return to normal - this weekend, my son turns eight and all three of my children have started baseball/softball.  It feels good to have celebrations and activities in our lives again!

Announcements from the Office

Next week is Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Week! We will be celebrating with a spirit week.  
Monday - Twin/Friends Day:  Find a friend(s) to dress alike/twin with or dress like something that comes in a pair or group
Tuesday - Comfort Day: Wear your pajamas or a comfy pair of sweatpants
Wednesday - Wacky Wednesday: Wear mismatched clothes, patterns, socks, shoes, etc.
Thursday - Rockstar Day:  Dress like a rockstar (or wear bright colors)
Friday - School Spirit Day:  Dress in Marion County colors or your house's colors

ESS Opportunities - We have lots of opportunities for students to stay after school to receive help in their classes!  All ESS is 3:30-4:30.  We can provide bus transportation home, but students need to let the teachers know three days in advance so we can make arrangements.  We have opportunities every day of the week except Tuesday.

Makeup school pictures will be March 30th.

Students are MAP testing this week!  All students will take the Reading test and our 7th graders will take the Science test.  Good luck!

If you have any pictures you'd like to submit for yearbook, you can easily share them using this link https://www.hjeshare.com/eShare/.  The code is mcms21.  You can submit photos of your child learning virtually, participating in spirit week, playing sports, etc.

Please bring a charged chromebook and your charger to school each day.

Report cards for the third 9 weeks will come home on Friday!

Parents, it is very important that you send a note with your child when he/she is absent.  Without a note, it is an unexcused absence.

7th grade parents, registration for our first MC Band Color Guard /Percussion Clinic will be held on March 29th at 4:15 at the MCHS band room.  Any student interested in attending must register at the link below:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSflDtLixOyk-Yek_mN_n413ZZddAAY_3VWp4q0MHucPviHHWQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

Announcements from the Classroom
6th grade ELA - This week we finished text structure and students spent some time previewing and reviewing an informative podcast! Next week we will begin our week with the final round of MAP testing. Please encourage your student to do his/her best! We will also start reviewing for our Unit 2 Informational Text Common Assessment which will be given before Spring Break.

7th grade Science - We are starting a new unit on chemical reactions

6th grade Camelot Social Studies - We will be continuing the new unit on Greece.

7th grade Social Studies - We are beginning our unit on Medieval Europe.  Now is the time to learn about Charlemagne, Vikings, Knights, Crusades and Dragons.  Well... maybe not Dragons, but we will learn about all the others and more!  Also, any Excalibur student missing a test needs to come ready to take that test on Monday!  All previous study guides are posted on Google Classroom "3-18-21 All Completed Study Guides". 

Lancelot ELA - Students will continue examining informational texts about the Civil Rights Movement to understand author's purpose and perspective as well as how the events of the Civil Rights Movement affected society in the 1960s and continue to affect society today.

7th grade Math - We will start Chapter 6 on ratios and proportions on Monday.  Pre-Algebra will start chapter 7 on percents.

Art students - We are starting a new 9 week class in Art. Mrs. Holt's remind codes are:Camelot: @mrspart1
Merlin: @mrspart2
Lancelot: @mrspart3
Excalibur: @mrspart4
Text code to 81010

Monday - Chinese food
Tuesday - Breakfast! Sausage or ham with hashbrowns 
Wednesday - Popcorn chicken
Thursday - Sloppy joes
Friday - Fish

Good luck in your tournament!

Girls Soccer
3/22 - Against Shepherdsville
3/24 - Against Taylor Co

Boys Soccer
3/23 - Against Shepherdsville
3/25 - Against Taylor Co