We had a great day today! We started the day with a spelling bee and ended it with Schoolwide Bingo. I can't believe we only have eight days left in the year!

Announcements from the Office
It's K Prep time! Here is our schedule:
Tuesday - Reading test for all students
Wednesday - Math Test for all students
Thursday - Science test for 7th grade
Best of luck to our students!

On May 26th, we will have a Virtual Awards show. We will put this on Facebook live. Camelot Awards will be at 8:30, Merlin Awards will be at 9:15, Excalibur Awards will be at 1:00, and Lancelot Awards will be at 1:45.

Instructions for ordering your yearbook:
Go to yearbookordercenter.com

  1. Enter School's order number 21758
  2. Standard yearbooks are 15.00 and you can get a student's named imprinted on it for 2.50 extra
  3. Add a student to the school list, (it should give you an option to add a student) and put their first, middle, and last name as well as their grade.
  4. Checkout

Yearbooks will be delivered over the summer. Due to COVID a lot of our pictures were delayed this year, and the yearbook company will need 5 weeks for production.  Students can pick up yearbooks the last week of July or they can pick them up when the school year starts.  
Orders will last until Tuesday, May 31st. 
If you have questions or need any help please contact elyssa.holt@marion.kyschools.us

Final Exam Schedule
6th grade
Thursday, May 20th - All houses ELA
Friday, May 21st - Camelot Science and Camelot Social Studies
Monday, May 24th - All houses Math and Merlin Science

7th grade
Monday, May 17th - All houses Science and Excalibur ELA
Friday, May 21st - Lancelot ELA
Monday, May 24th - All houses Math
Announcements from the Classroom
7th grade social studies - Students are creating a podcast where they will reflect on what this school year has been like for them. They will write a script, rehearse, and conduct interviews for their original podcasts.

7th grade science - A study guide for the final has been shared both as a paper copy and on google classroom.

Reading with Mrs. Wood - We are reading "Fever" by Laurie Halse Anderson.

7th grade ELA - The students have finished the novel "The Outsiders" and have been working extremely hard on their body biographies. We are so proud of their hard work! The permission slips to watch the movie are due by Monday.