This afternoon for bus duty, I stood outside while it rained, but I couldn't help but smile at how refreshing it felt after the heat!  I hope that you're able to be refreshed this weekend as well, whether from rain, or a nap, or whatever helps you!

Announcements from the Office
Important Dates:
August 30th & 31st: Students take math iReady
Sept 1st:  Picture Day!  (if your child is quarantined, don't worry - we have makeup pictures December 7th!)
Sept 2nd:  6th graders take Terrace Metrics survey
Sept 6th:  No school!

Each day, your child needs to bring a charged chromebook to school.  This is really important!  They also should have a library book every day.  Please encourage your child to read 20 minutes a day!

MCMS Student Ambassadors Applications are now available! Any 6th grade or 7th grade student interested in applying to the program should complete the following application before Friday, September 24***Students that were in the program last year WILL ALSO need to complete to application again.*** The goal of Student Ambassadors is to create opportunities for developing leadership skills through service in the school and community as well as through team-building activities.  Contact Ms. Kimball if you have any questions regarding the program or application process.

My child tested positive/is quarantined.  Now what?
If students are quarantined or have Covid, they can:

  1. First and most important, log in to Google classrooms daily to complete assignments posted.  
  2. Be sure to join Reminds for your teachers that offer it!  This way, if you have any questions or concerns, you can easily communicate with your teachers.
  3. If your child tested positive for Covid, he/she may be eligible to receive homebound services (through Zoom).  If you are interested in this, please contact our counselor, Michele Welch, at
  4. We are working on a plan to offer ESS, where teachers can meet virtually with quarantined students from 3:30-4:30 to answer questions, help with assignments, and/or teach lessons.  Once this is set up, we will let you know!
As always, if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us!  Our phone number is 270-692-4578.

Announcements from the Classroom

6th grade Science - We are having a quiz on Friday, Sept 3rd on Earth and the Solar System.

6th grade Social Studies - Our unit 1 test is Friday, August 31st.  A study guide will be sent home on Monday.

6th grade Math - iReady test starts Monday, August 30th.  We have a division unit test on Friday, September 3rd.

6th grade ELA - Today was our first Grammar Friday.  On the weeks we do not visit the library, we will dedicate 

7th grade Social Studies - Our first unit test is Friday, August 31st.  It covers the fall of the Roman Empire.  Students were given a study guide today.

7th grade Science - We are continuing our Cells Unit.  Our first unit test is Friday, Sept 3rd.  It will cover the scientific theory, cells, and structure.  Study guides will go out next week.

Excalibur ELA - We have wrapped up our practice over story elements and are moving on to mood, tone, and perspective.  If you ever have questions about an assignment, especially during quarantine, please remind text me at 81010 and send text @thompela7.  You can also email or call the school and leave a message.

Excalibur Math - Please check Google classroom when you are absent.  Mrs. Hunt posts everything they do every day.

Lancelot ELA - We will be analyzing song lyrics to determine their mood and tone. Students will also compare and contrast the perspectives of each song.

PE students - If you are quarantined, please do the PE workout and, if possible, send pictures or video.

Each day, students can have a sack lunch, a salad, or one of the below:
Monday - Chicken sandwich or cheeseburger
Tuesday - Subs or pizza
Wednesday - Pork chop
Thursday - Tacos or pizza
Friday - Cheese pizza crunchers or cheeseburgers