Announcements from the Office
There is NO school on Monday, November 1st.

ESS - We have ESS opportunities every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30-4:30.  There is bus transportation available on Wednesdays.  If your child wants to ride a bus, please let Ms. Bardin or Ms. Wood (or the front office) know by Monday afternoon.

Virtual parent teacher conferences are October 26th and 28th.  To sign up for a meeting time, click the link below.  Choose a teacher's name and then choose the date and time.

Beta Club - Any parents interested in helping the Beta Club get prepared for the convention, please let Carrie Thompson or Toby Tungate know.  We have the volunteer program papers you need to fill out if you are interested in helping at the after-school Beta meetings.

Chromebooks need to be charged and brought to school daily!!  This is very important for all students.  Read 20 minutes every day and turn in completed books to the library in the morning.

Red Ribbon Week
The Youth Service Center and MCMS Smile Club will be hosting a spirit week for Red Ribbon Week. The themes for each day are:Monday: Wear Red for Red Ribbon Week
Tuesday: "Dream of a World with No Drugs" - Pajama Day
Wednesday: "Drugs Are Soooo Out of Style" - Decades Day
Thursday: "Team Up Against Drugs - Wear Your Favorite Sports Team
Friday: "Say 'Boo' to Drugs" - Wear Your Halloween Costume
*Halloween costumes must be school appropriate and cannot cover your face.

Announcements from the Classroom
Merlin science - Test next Friday.

Camelot Science - Test on "Earth Systems" Thursday October 28th.

6th grade math - Test on Friday, October 29th over Exponents/Order of Operations.

6th grade PE - FITT principles quiz next week.

6th grade students - All students should have come home with an i-Ready packet - a green note that discusses the program, a reading diagnostic report, and a math diagnostic report. Please review these items. For Q2, 6th grade students are required to complete and pass 10 i-Ready lessons in reading and 10 i-Ready lessons in math. Lessons completed over the requirement will count as bonus points. The diagnostic reports will show you what your child scored on the first test that was given to set a baseline for your student's individualized lessons. Please review these reports and help encourage your child to complete these lessons to work on filling our learning gaps and moving students to the next level.

ELA6 - This week we worked on a review of the parts of a plot. We also examined each part's purpose and importance to the overall story. Students will have a plot quiz on Tuesday. They will read a story and answer questions about the parts of a plot. Students will also be taking the October Flashback next week. Students will read an excerpt from Frankenstein and answer questions to identify the main idea, make inferences, use context clues to determine the meaning of an unknown word, use context clues to determine the definition of a multiple meaning word, and identify the theme.

7th grade science - We will finish the unit on reproduction and adaptations with a test on Thursday.

7th grade social studies - Students are continuing to work on unit 3: The Rise and Spread of Islam.

7th grade ELA - We finished the short story "Lamb to the Slaughter" and next week we are going to begin our one-pager project based on the story.  We will watch the movie based on the story next Thursday.  Since we had so many parents donate popcorn, we will also be popping popcorn for the movie day!  Please continue to check IC to stay update with your child's grade or to check to see if they are missing any assignments.