Announcements from the Office
There is no school November 24th-26th.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

Makeup School Pictures are December 7th.

Parents!  Our PTO needs your help!  We'd like to plan some activities for our teachers for Christmas.  If you are willing to help, can you please email our PTO president, Emily Zink?  Her email address is

Progress reports will be going out next week.

VOLLEYBALL!  If your child is interested in playing volleyball, please click this link to sign up!  We are taking signups until 11/29.

Announcements from the Classrooms

6th grade ELA - Students have their November flashback (over main idea, inferences, context clues, and theme) on Monday.

6th grade Math - We will finish our test over fractions concepts.  After Thanksgiving break, we will begin our unit on Measures of Center (mean, median, and mode).  Continue to work on iReady lessons at home.  Remember each student must have passed 10 lessons by December 18th.  Any lesson passed over 10 is worth 5 points each for extra credit (up to 50 points).

Camelot Science - Students are working on their "Plate tectonics" unit.  Monday and Tuesday, we will be doing labs with Convection currents, which is what causes plates to move 2-12 cm per year!

Lancelot Math - Students have their Chapter 3 test over expressions on Tuesday.

Lancelot Pre Algebra - Students have their Chapter 4 test over equations on Tuesday.

7th grade Science - Test on Monday.   Study guide is on Google Classroom.

7th grade Social Studies - Students are working on unit 4: Medieval Europe.

Monday - Chicken tenders, hamburgers, sack lunch or salad
Tuesday - Breakfast (sausage/ham biscuits), pizza, sack lunch or salad