We may only have five days of school before the break, but there are lots of announcements below. Happy Friday!

Announcements from the Office
Students will take their Math iReady diagnostic next week! Please make sure students charge their Chromebooks Sunday night and get a good night's rest!

Students will get a new exploratory class after Christmas break! This will cause the order of their other classes to change, so students will get a new schedule starting in January.

Conservation Essay Contest - It is time for the 2021 Jim Claypool Conservation Essay Contest! This is open to any MCMS student. Students write an essay, 1000 words or less, about the importance of water and water conservation. There is a digital copy of "We All Need Water" available that you may use to get started at this link https://eec.ky.gov/Natural-Resources/Conservation/Current%20Art%20and%20Writing%20Information/We%20All%20Need%20Water.pdf. First place school winners receive $50! Second place is $30 and third place is $15. County winners can get anywhere from $25-125. If your child would like to enter the contest, all they have to do is write their essay on a Google Doc and share it with Mrs. Wright. These are due by Thursday, Dec 16th!  

Christmas Spirit Week
We are celebrating with a Christmas Spirit Week next week! Our days are:
Monday - Christmas pjs
Tuesday - Christmas hats and socks
Wednesday - Warm Wednesday - Wear your favorite flannel
Thursday - Dress like a candy cane
Friday - Ugly Christmas sweater

Announcements from the Classroom
6th grade science - We will have a midterm next Thursday and Friday. We are reviewing Monday-Wednesday.

7th grade science - We will have their unit 5 test on Thursday, Dec 16th.

7th grade social studies - We are taking our unit 4 test on Wednesday, Dec 15th. Study guides were given out yesterday and one will be posted on Google Classroom.

7th grade math - We are doing our iReady math diagnostic test next week!  Good luck to students. Pre Algebra will have a chapter 5 Inequalities test at the end of the week.

7th grade ELA - We have finished the novel "A Long Walk to Water." To show what they learned, students are creating a project of their choice from a book project menu. The students have been working for the past three days in class and the project is due on Monday, December 13th. We are having a midterm over literary standards on Wednesday, December 15th.

6th grade ELA - We will finish Q2 by reading "A Christmas Carol" and examining the use of foreshadowing and flashbacks in the play. Students will take the December flashback over this play (main idea, making inferences, using context clues, theme). All missing assignments and required i-Ready lessons are due by the end of the day Friday, December 17. 

Guitar students - Thank you to all the students and parents who helped make the Night of the Arts such a big success. The students did a great job, and we appreciate you for being a part of the wonderful program. 

PE students - Basketball unit test on Wednesday and Thursday.

6th grade Spanish - Students will be making pinatas Monday, Dec 13-Wednesday, Dec 15. I recommend having your child bring an old shirt to put over clothes. Donations of tape, glue, and trash bags are appreciated but not required. Each group needs to bring 1-2 bags of candy to fill their pinata; the students have already discussed which member(s) of their group will provide this item.

Volleyball - Good luck to all students trying out for the volleyball team this weekend!

Monday - Chicken breast filet, sack lunch or salad
Tuesday - Sausage or ham biscuit, pizza, sack lunch or salad
Wednesday - Baked ziti, sack lunch, or salad
Thursday - Chili, pizza, sack lunch or salad
Friday - Fish, grilled cheese, sack lunch or salad