I hope everyone has had a chance to enjoy the snow, although if you're anything like me, you're already over it!  I miss seeing the students!

Announcements from the Office
If you completed paperwork for your child to be seen at school by the Healthy Kids Clinic Dental Program, no future action is needed.  If you did not complete the paperwork or are unsure and want to participate, please contact Van Gadberry.  They will be at MCMS on February 9th.

Students have one week to complete NTI work!  After one week, students cannot makeup the work.  Please make sure your child completes assignments for ELA, social studies and PE from Thursday, 1/20.

Attendance reminders - Make sure you always send a note to school with your child when he/she is absent.  Students get five parent notes per school year for excused absences.  Also, please note the district does not allow home Covid tests for return to school from quarantine.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding attendance, do not hesitate to contact the school.

Friendly reminder - if you Google our school, you get the wrong phone number.  Our school number is 270-692-4578.

Students need to bring a charged chromebook to school every day!!

From our media specialist - The other day, a student chose a book and said, "My mom and I used to read together. Maybe she will like this one and we can read together, taking turns."  Never miss an opportunity to do something with your kids while they are still kids.  Read a book together!

Announcements from the Classroom
Excalibur Social Studies - We are continuing to work on our Medieval Asia unit.

6th grade ELA - We will continue to review figurative language (simile, metaphor, onomatopoeia, personification, hyperbole, idioms).  Next we will study the use of allusion and irony.  Please do not forget that students should also be working on their iReady lessons.  Students are required to complete and pass 10 lessons for third quarter.  

6th grade math - We have a possible test next Friday over integers/coordinate plane and coordinate graphing/rational numbers/absolute value.  Also please complete work on iReady lessons (you must complete and pass the lessons).

Camelot Science - Matter poster presentations will be on Monday, January 24th.  We will be deconstructing the Atom and focusing on the subatomic particles and their charges this week.  Possible quiz on Friday, January 28th, depending on the weather.

7th grade social studies - We are continuing to study Medieval Asia.

7th grade ELA - We are beginning our nonfiction unit with Scholastic magazine articles about the boys and girls who fought against the Nazis.  We will be looking at how propaganda fueled the Nazis plan as well as how propaganda is used today.  This is a sensitive topic so please feel free to ask your child to discuss with you how they feel about the articles they are reading.
IREADY lessons for the month of January: 6 lessons.  Please make note that NTI work pertaining to IREADY is separate from the monthly goal of 6 lesson.

Chorus: There is a quiz planned for this Tuesday over Unit 1 terms. This week we will work on breathing from the diaphragm to help student's pitch, tone, and so much more. 

Theater: There is a quiz planned for this Tuesday over Unit 1 terms. On Tuesday, we will begin Unit 2 which focuses on Group Work and some improvisation with different Theater games.

The middle school parent meeting was rescheduled for Saturday, January 22nd.  It will be 12:00 at the Marion County ATC conference room.