Hello and happy Sunday! Sorry for the delayed newsletter!

Announcements from the Office
Healthy Kids Dental Clinic will be at MCMS on February 9th and March 10-11th to service students who signed up for dental care.

Students are learning about the "Tulsa Race Riot of 1921" in honor of Black History Month.

2021-22 Yearbooks are on sale! To order your child's yearbook, go to ybpay.com. Our yearbook ID code is 14580622. Orders are due by March 11th.

Progress reports will go home on Tuesday!

If you are interested in your student completing the Success Ready Seal or would like more information, please click on this link - www.marion.kyschools.us/page/success-ready-seal-program

On Thursday, Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Brown, the principal and counselor of Marion County Knight Academy, will speak to our 7th graders about exploratory options they have next year. Our 7th grade ELA teachers will post a link to a form students will use to choose their courses. We will also post the link to the form on our Facebook page and it will be in next year's newsletter.  

Don't forget to charge Chromebooks tonight!  

Announcements from the Classroom
6th grade ELA - This week, we will review for and take the Unit 1 test over Reading Fiction. Students will receive a hard copy and digital copy of the study guide.

6th & 7th grade Spanish - We will have a unit 1A test on Wednesday, February 9th. They should study slides 14-30 in their Unit 1 Virtual Binder.

6th grade Hispanic Culture - We will have our unit 1 test on Wednesday, February 9th. They should study slides 4-15 in their Unit 1 Virtual Binders. If they are missing any notes, they can watch the note videos posted in Google Classroom as "Catch Up Notes Unit 1".

6th grade Math - Test on Monday over integers, coordinate graphing, rational numbers and absolute value.

6th grade Social Studies - Test on Friday over Ancient China.

Pre Algebra students - We will start a new unit on percents. 

7th grade math - Students will be finishing up their inequalities chapter with a possible test at the end of the week.