Hello and happy Friday! It was so fun today seeing all the students and teachers in matching shirts! A student told me, "Today, I really feel like a Knight!".

Announcements from the Office:
4-H Speeches: This year judges will visit MCMS on Monday, April 18 for 4-H speeches! Participation is voluntary but students participating will receive extra credit in ELA. Those wishing to participate will need to write and practice the speech at home but be sure to sign up with your ELA teacher. If you child is interested, please email coury.osbourne@marion.kyschools.us or contact their ELA teacher for the rubric and speech tips!

Only a few yearbook copies remain. Order yours today before the deadline, 3-11-2022. To order go to ybpay.com and enter the Yearbook ID Code: 14580622. The cost is $20.00.

Announcements from the Classroom:
7th grade science: We are working on an egg drop project. Please help supply materials to help them build their project! Materials needed are:  garbage bags/grocery bags, string, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, different types of tape, straws, cotton balls, cardboard tube/cup/box/etc, balloons, rubber bands, fabric, packing materials, paper.

7th grade social studies: Our class started unit 6 Renaissance and Reformation.

Pre Algebra - We are starting our linear functions chapter next week.

PE: Badminton Unit test next Wednesday & Thursday.

Camelot Science - We will have a test and an extended response over our "Energy" unit next Tuesday or Wednesday. The next unit will be Chemical Reactions.

6th grade ELA - We have officially started Unit 2: Reading Nonfiction Informational Texts. Next week our focus will be on the importance of text features in informational text and how they help us to find the information we need faster and easier. We will examine all the different types of text features and make sure we are able to read them for information.