Announcements from the Office
Our third nine weeks ends on March 11th.  Any missing work needs to be turned in by then.  Report cards will be home on March 18th.

Thanks to all who attended our parent breakfast!  We had a great turnout, and we hope you enjoyed it.  

4-H Speeches:  This year judges will visit MCMS on Monday, April 18 for 4-H speeches! Participation is voluntary but students participating will receive extra credit in ELA. Those wishing to participate will need to write and practice the speech at home but be sure to sign up with your ELA teacher.  If you child is interested, please email or contact their ELA teacher for the rubric and speech tips!

Only a few yearbook copies remain. Order yours today before the deadline, 3-11-2022. To order go to and enter the Yearbook ID Code: 14580622. The cost is $20.00.

Many students are having troubles remembering to bring a charged Chromebook to school. Please remind your child to do this nightly.

SEL week - SEL is Social Emotional Learning - is next week!  We are celebrating with a spirit day!
Monday - Pajama Monday
Tuesday - Tacky Tuesday (mismatched clothes, patterns, socks, shoes, etc)
Wednesday - Wayback or Western Wednesday (favorite boots, plaid or western wear or dress like a favorite decade)
Thursday - Superhero Thursday (dress like your favorite superhero or like someone in your life who is a hero to you)
Friday - Spirit Day (wear MCMS colors or house colors)

Announcements from the Classroom
7th grade Science - Students are completing their egg drops Monday (Lancelot) and Tuesday (Excalibur).  They have a unit test covering magnets, electricity, and gravity on March 10th.  They have notes completed in class that they can use to study.

Camelot Science - We are starting our "Forces and Motions" unit on Monday!

7th grade Math - We will have our Chapter 6 test over ratios and proportions next week.  The next chapter will be over percents.  

7th grade Pre Algebra - We will have our Chapter 8 test over linear functions next week.  The next chapter will be over linear equations.

7th grade Social Studies - We will continue to work on Unit 6: Renaissance and Reformation.  Students will finish instruction about the Renaissance period by completing the DBQ "How did the Renaissance Change Man's View of Man."  Later in the week, students will be introduced to Martin Luther and how his ideas sparked the Reformation.

6th grade math (both houses) - Test will be Thursday or Friday over Reading/Writing Algebraic Expressions, Combining Like Terms, Solving by Substitution and Properties of Math.  Students also need to complete/pass at least 10 iReady lessons by midnight Friday, March 11th.  Any lessons passed/completed over 10 will count as extra credit (5 points each up to 50 points.  

Monday - Build your own chicken bowl, sack lunch or house salad
Tuesday - Pork chop, pizza, house salad or sack lunch
Wednesday - Tacos, sack lunch or house salad
Thursday - Salisbury steak, pizza, sack lunch or house salad
Friday - Bosco sticks, sack lunch or house salad