We had a great week that finished with schoolwide bingo and a rock, paper, scissors competition. :) I never knew people would get so competitive over some Bingo! ha The students (and staff) had a blast.

Announcements from the Office
4-H Speeches:  This year judges will visit MCMS on Monday, April 18 for 4-H speeches! Participation is voluntary but students participating will receive extra credit in ELA. Those wishing to participate will need to write and practice the speech at home but be sure to sign up with your ELA teacher.  If you child is interested, please contact their ELA teacher for the rubric and speech tips!

Today is the end of our third nine weeks.  Report cards will go home on 3/18.  

Terrace Metrics Opt-out forms have been sent home.  If you want your child to opt out, please return this form by Friday, March 18th.  Your child can give the form to his/her SEL teacher.

Parents, did you know students can make a report to the office anonymously?  Their SEL teachers shared a link on their Google Classrooms to an anonymous report.  There is an option for students to put their names if they want to report something but do not want to come to the office.  We get an email notification as soon as someone makes a report.  Parents and students can also make a report using the STOP safety tipline on the district website.

If students damaged their Chromebook, a letter has been sent home with them with details about the fine owed for the repairs.  Their devices have been repaired and are back but won't be returned until their account is settled.
Please remind your child that a lot of Chromebooks are getting damaged from students dropping their Chromebooks on the floor.

Please bring a charged Chromebook to school each day!  We will only be handing out daytime loaners to those who have a broken device.  Thanks to all students that remember each day and are being so responsible.

Today is the LAST day to order a yearbook!!  To order go to ybpay.com and enter the Yearbook ID Code: 14580622. The cost is $20.00.

Announcements from the Classroom
6th grade math - We will begin our unit on Equations.

6th grade ELA - Next week we will continue working on text features by working on making sure students are able to read and use the information in visual aids (bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs, pie charts, timelines, maps, cross-sections, diagrams, etc).

Camelot Science - We are working on our "Motion and Forces" unit.  The students are learning by doing several hands-on projects.  If anyone can donate, we need paper towels, Kleenex, and balloons.  Thanks in advance for providing us with needed supplies!

7th grade ELA - We started our Argumentative unit.  The students are also reading "The Outsiders" by SE Hinton.  We are studying how setting, characters and conflict impact each other.  We will be using the novel to help students learn how to piece an argumentative essay together.