Hello and happy (chilly) Friday!

Announcements from the Office
Do you have a child in the 5th grade who may be interested in being in the band next year? If so, there is an instrument rental night on May 9th from 4-7 pm at the Marion County Public Library.

Spring Break will be April 4th-8th. Enjoy the much deserved break!

Is your 7th grader interested in joining the 2022 Marching band? If so, please plan to attend the Colorguard Spin Clinics! They are 3:00-5:30 on the following dates: April 15th, May 2nd, May 3rd, May 4th, and May 5th. Call 270-590-6673 if you have any questions.

Announcements from the Classroom
Merlin Science - We are having a test on Forces and Motion at the end of next week.

Camelot Science - Students are building catapults next week. We have a unit test on Wednesday over Force and Motions. On Thursday we will do an extended response dealing with simple machines.

6th grade Math - We have a test on Thursday, March 31st. This test will covering reading, writing, and solving equations for all operations (add, subtract, multiply and divide).

Excalibur Social Studies - We are finishing up our unit in the Renaissance and Reformation. Our unit test will be on Thursday, March 31st.

Lancelot Social Studies - We have our Unit 6: Renaissance and Reformation test on Friday, April 1st. A study guide is posted on Google Classroom.

6th grade ELA - Most students have finished the i-Ready Diagnostic #3. We have seen a lot of growth in reading! We have started to look at text structure in informational texts. Text structure is how an author organizes the information - description, compare & contrast, cause & effect, sequence/chronological order, or problem & solution. We will continue to study text structure next week. Students will have a quiz on Thursday. They will take the March Flashback on Friday.

7th grade ELA - We have finished "The Outsiders" and will begin our body biography project based on the characters next week. I am sending permission slips home Monday to watch the movie Thursday and Friday. Please sign and return to me as soon as possible.  
Please make sure you child is completing at least two IREADY lessons for reading each week. Keep checking for missing work and updated grades on infinite campus each week.

Monday - Build your own chicken bowl
Tuesday - Pork chops or pizza
Wednesday - Tacos
Thursday - Salisbury steak or pizza
Friday - Bosco sticks
*We also have sack lunch or house salad each day.