Announcement from the Office
Please join us for Family Bingo Night!  Next Tuesday, April 26th, from 5:30-7:00 in our cafeteria, we are playing Bingo!  Light refreshments will be served.  We hope you can come!

Next week is the last week to check out new library books.

Please remember to bring a chard Chromebook to school each day!

Announcement from the Classroom
Camelot Science - We are continuing our Chemical Reactions unit.  We are still in need of Ziploc sandwich bags for our chemistry labs we are doing next week.  Thanks for any who can donate!

Merlin Science - We have a test on Chemical Reactions next Friday, 4/29.

6th grade ELA - Next week we will move on to our last unit, Arguments.  While most middle schoolers are great at arguing (lol), they will find that their own personal feelings and beliefs are not the key to winning an argument or debate.  Students will need to be able to state the claim, provide solid reasons, and support those reasons with verifiable evidence.  We will also examine counterclaims and rebuttals.

Lancelot ELA - The Outsiders Mock Trial will be Monday.  Good luck!  The library will be closed on this day.

Monday - Chicken
Tuesday - Pork chop or pizza
Wednesday - Taco
Thursday - Salisbury steak
Friday - Bosco sticks
*Students can also choose house salad or sack lunch