Hello and happy Friday! It's almost May!

Announcements from the Office
Teacher Appreciation Week - May 2-6th is Teacher Appreciation Week. The PTO at MCMS is planning to spoil our teachers and staff and we need your help! Please consider donating a small item to be used as Appreciation Prizes. You can drop these off at the front office any time next week. We are also asking people to donate a dessert for Thursday, 5/5 or donate a set of drinks or snacks for Tuesday, 5/3. If you can help in any way, please contact Emily Zink at epzink@windstream.net.  

Upcoming Dates
May 17-19 - Kentucky Summative Assessment
May 19 - Awards ceremony, 6:00-8:00
May 20 - Cookout for winner of house competitions
May 23 - Finals for ELA and PE/STEM
May 24 - Finals for Math, Social Studies and PE/STEM
May 25 - Finals for Science and exploratory classes
May 26 - 6th grade field day
May 27 - 7th grade field day

Many students have added stickers to their district Chromebook. These aren't allowed. Please remove all stickers and wipe down the device with rubbing alcohol. 

All library books need to be returned to the library. Students can still read books online with Mackinvia and EPIC. Don't forget to charge your Chromebook each night! (*charge, not char, for those of you who read last week's newsletter carefully).

Announcements from the Classroom
6th grade ELA - This week we have been studying arguments/debates. Students should be able to identify the author's claim and analyze the argument for reason and evidence used to support the claim. We have a busy week next week! Monday, we have a guest speaker. District Judge Kaelin Reed will visit our classes. He always brings a great activity and helps students understand the difference between opinions and verifiable evidence. Tuesday and Wednesday, we will review and practice author's tone. Thursday, we will review the parts of an argument and students will have a quiz over tone. Friday is our unit 3 common assessment over arguments.

Camelot Science - We have our last unit test on "Chemical Reactions" on Wednesday, May 4th.

Monday - Hot dogs
Tuesday - Chicken pot pie or pizza
Wednesday - Cheeseburgers
Thursday - BBQ chicken or BBQ pulled pork
Friday - Grilled cheese
*sack lunches or house salad are also offered every day