Announcements from the Office
Next week is our last week of school!  We hope everyone has a safe and happy summer.  To our 6th graders, we look forward to seeing you next year. To our 7th graders, we will miss you!  Best of luck at MCKA and beyond!

We are sorry we had to postone our awards ceremony! The new dates and times are below.  Parents/Guardians are still welcome to attend.
7th grade awards - Thursday, May 26th at 1:00 pm
6th grade awards - Friday, May 27th at 9:00 am

Finals Schedule
May 23 - ELA and PE/STEM 

May 24 - Math, Social studies, and PE/STEM

May 25 - Science and exploratory 

Spirit Week - Let's celebrate the last week with a spirit week!
Monday - Dream of the best summer - Wear PJsTuesday - Hula into summer - Wear Hawaiian shirts and leis 
Wednesday - Bright summers - Wear neon and wear hats for shade
Thursday - Teachers are ready for summer - Dress like your favorite teacher

Friday - Peace out school - Wear tie dye

Field Day - Our 6th graders have field day on Thursday & our 7th graders have field day on Friday.

STEM Challenge Camp will be held at MCMS June 8 - 10 from 9am - 12pm. We are limited to 16 participants for the program. Applications are on the table in the office. Contact Cheryl May or Van Gadberry with any questions you may have.   

Message from Emily Zink, our PTO president - Voting for SBDM elections will now be from 9:00-10:00 am on Friday, 5/27/22.

6th grade parents, please contact Mrs. May if you do not want your child to be allowed to keep their Chromebook over the summer break and she will collect it along with the charger.7th grade parents if you want your child's device collected Mrs. May can get that and have it ready at MKA for next year.
All students have been handed updated lists of library books, including elementary school books, that are past due along with any fines owed for damaged devices. Please take care of this next week.

Announcements from the Classrooms
Art Students - 6th Graders will be making Piñatas next week. A notice was sent home earlier this week detailing ways to help with this fun project. The students are working in groups and are only responsible for bringing in candy desired for their team (only 1-2 bags per team). If they desire any extra decorations beyond the streamers I provide, they will also need to bring that. Donations of duct tape, tacky glue, and trash bags are very much appreciated but not required. All materials that we use are washable, but students can bring an old shirt to cover their clothing if they wish.

Camelot Science - We are reviewing for finals on May 20th and 23rd.  Our final will be broken into two parts. Part A will be taken on May 24th and Part B will be on May 25th.

Lancelot 7th grade math - Students received a study guide on Friday for their final.

7th grade Social Studies - We will review for our final on Monday.