Please see information below regarding transportation and food service as MCPS moves to a Hybrid A/B schedule beginning Monday, February 1:


* Because fewer students will be transported on a hybrid schedule, be prepared for the bus to arrive earlier than in the past -- we recommend being prepared 15 minutes earlier than usual.

*Drop-off times in the afternoon may be similarly affected.

*Nearly all students will ride the same bus they were assigned earlier in the year; however, some routes in the Loretto area have been combined, meaning a different bus than normal may pick up these students. We are still finalizing these adjustments.

*The first week of operating on the Hybrid A/B schedule will provide important information regarding transportation issues -- please be patient as we work to make student transportation operate as smoothly as possible.


* The weekly feeding program has been moved to Wednesday from 3:00-5:00.

* We will distribute student meals at each of our schools with the exception of Marion County High School.

* Students will receive five days' worth of breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

* There will be no Meal Package Order form to complete as in the past.