The Marion County Public Schools Dream Bus is once again serving communities throughout Marion County. The Dream Bus operates five days a week during the summer delivering free meals, providing educational outreach, and serving as a mobile wifi hotspot.

Dream Bus Schedule 2021

Dream Bus runs from Tuesday June 1, 2021 through Friday July 23, 2021. The Dream Bus will not run the week of July 5-9.

MONDAY11:00 am- 12:15 Bradfordsville
12:45 pm- 1:45 pm Lebanon City Park
TUESDAY11:00 am – 12:15 pm Cleaver Court
12:45 pm- 1:45 pm Hamilton Heights
WEDNESDAY11:00 am- 12:45pm Brookhaven
12:45 pm -1:45 pm Rosenwald Village
THURSDAY11:00 am- 12:45 pm Village Loop
12:45 pm- 1:45 pm Marion County Public Library
FRIDAY11:00 am- 12:45 pm Loretto
12:45- 1:45 pm Raywick