The following message from MCPS Director of School Safety and Support Services Michael Abell addresses changes in MCPS transportation beginning Monday, August 23.


                Due to a limited number of bus drivers we are having to combine some routes this school year.  The return to in-person learning has also resulted in more students riding buses.  In an effort to help with bus crowding and student ride times we are making adjustments to the routes listed below beginning on Monday, August 23rd.   Students impacted by the changes will need to be at their stop at least 10 minutes earlier than normal until pick up times can be established.  I greatly appreciate your cooperation and patience as we work through this process.

Michael K. Abell

Director of School Safety and Support Services

Marion County Schools - 270-692-4150



102 – Adding Stringtown Road (was 152) – pick up at Stringtown Rd beginning @ 7:00 AM

122 – Adding Hwy 52 from Loretto Rd to George Bevin

152 – Adding Daycare in Loretto (was 102) and all Hwy 52

162 – Adding J. E. Bickett and Hazy Downs (was 141), along with Sally Ray Pike

Taking Away

102 – No longer running Hwy 52 from Loretto Rd to George Bevin

141 – No longer running J.E. Bickett and Hazy Downs (now bus 162)

152 – No longer running Stringtown Road (now 102)

192 - In the afternoon WMES students will ride 212 to MCMS then transfer to 192