student ambassadors

Twenty Marion County High School students were recently selected to join the MCPS Student Ambassador program. Those new members join 23 returning members in the organization.

“This was an incredibly difficult selection process because we had so many tremendous applicants,” Student Ambassador Advisor Troy Benningfield said. “It speaks volumes about our student body -- we had incredible students apply, all of whom would make excellent student leaders in our district. As I stressed to the applicants, we certainly encourage students to re-apply the following year if they are not selected because one of the hallmarks of a true student leader is the willingness to try again.”

The newly selected members include: 

Ana Alvarez

Gracie Benningfield

Amira Bowman

Laurel Cochran

Ava Drury

Allison Essex

Brooklyn Gaddie

Emily Gardner

Daisy Hawkins

Kayla Lancaster

Henry Mattingly

Caden Morgan

Drew Morgan

Mary Beth Overstreet

Hayden Robbins

Bella Spalding

Emily Tungate

Noah VanDyke

Kasey Westerman

Julia Wheatley

The MCPS Student Ambassadors serve as student spokespeople for the school district as they regularly speak at board of education meetings, provide tours of school campuses, and participate in community events. The organization is also designed to help those students develop leadership and soft skills. 

“Each year, these students represent this school district and the community so incredibly well,” co-advisor Laurie Followell said. “Our goal is to help them develop their leadership and public speaking skills by providing them with opportunities to share some of the great things that are happening in our school district.”

This year’s executive council is comprised of the following returning student ambassadors: Jordan Browning (chair), Michael Masterson, Leah Wright, Lily Thompson, Ann Marie Chesser, Braelyn Lee, Jasmine Farmer, and Emma Sullivan. 

Among the annual events in which the group is involved is the MCPS Young Leaders Conference where students in grades 4-8 are nominated by their principal to attend the one-day conference organized and led by the student ambassadors at Marion County High School.

The group meets during club days at MCHS and also attends an annual fall retreat. 

The entire MCPS Student Ambassador group is comprised of:

Seniors: Chloe Allen, Jordan Browning, Ann Marie Chesser, Avery Cochran, Owen Cox, Ava Drury, Jasmine Farmer, Zahria Hazelwood, Will Knight, Kayla Lancaster, Braelyn Lee, Michael Masterson, Nicole Montgomery, Caden Morgan, Niesha Porter, Morgan Schooling, Bella Spalding, Haley Sparkman, Emma Sullivan, Lily Thompson, Emily Tungate, Alexis Wheeler, Leah Wright.

Juniors: Charleigh Browning, Mandy Courtwright, Allison Essex, Brooklyn Gaddie, Emily Gardner, Jeb Hughes, Henry Mattingly, Sydnie Mattingly, Halee May, Mary Beth Overstreet, Hayden Robbins, 

Sophomores: Ana Alvarez, Gracie Benningfield, Amira Bowman, Laurel Cochran, Daisy Hawkins, Drew Morgan, Noah VanDyke, Kasey Westerman, Julia Wheatley