school cancellation

There will be NO SCHOOL Friday, September 17 in Marion County due to the anticipated number of staff absences and lack of substitute employees. This will NOT be an NTI day.

MCPS currently has a high number of staff members who will be absent due to a combination of illness and quarantines, and the school district is similarly limited in the number of substitutes available. 

Canceling school for tomorrow helps avoid any potential issues related to supervision and student safety; this decision is being made now to allow families more time to make childcare and other arrangements. 

You should expect to receive a voice message later today. We’ve found that many parents/guardians are unable to take this call during typical working hours, which is why we schedule it for a later time. When you get the call, the message is triggered by sound (such as hearing someone say ‘Hello’) -- please keep this in mind as there could be a delay in the message playing otherwise. Also, we encourage parents to save the phone number to their contact list for future reference.