The following message was emailed to MCPS families and staff:

MCPS families,

As our community and state continue to recover from the events from this weekend, we wanted to provide an update with important information:

  • We are monitoring RECC’s outage map to have an idea about power loss through the county. There seems to be good progress repairing lines and restoring service.
  • MCPS transportation personnel will be inspecting routes today to ensure safe passage by buses tomorrow.
  • MCPS will make whatever accommodations necessary for storm displaced students or those otherwise negatively impacted.
  • Principals and other school personnel will be on the lookout for student needs we aren’t aware of or didn’t see coming. If you have needs or concerns, please contact your child’s school.

We’d also like for you to share this information with families who may not be able to receive this message.

And, of course, please stay safe.