Stilwell Award Winners

Twelve MCPS employees were honored at the October 13 Board of Education meeting for their commitment to education technology as they were named Stilwell Award winners. 

Named after the late William E. Stilwell, Ph.D., the Stilwell Award is presented to those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in education technology. For this year, a commemorative coin was commissioned to be presented to those who have shown their commitment to education technology.

The 2022 Stilwell Awardees for Marion County Public Schools are:

  • Holly Cox, Hugh C. Spalding Academy

  • Matt Deacon, MCPS Central Office

  • Rebecca Emmons, MCPS Central Office

  • Debbie Farmer, MCPS Central Office

  • Kim Hardin, Marion County High School

  • Stephanie Keeling, Calvary Elementary

  • Tim Lyons, MCPS Central Office

  • Cheryl May, Marion County Middle School

  • April Montgomery, West Marion Elementary 

  • Lee Morgeson, Glasscock Elementary

  • Charles Ramey, Lebanon Elementary

  • Jennifer Russell, Marion County Knight Academy

Since 1992, the Kentucky Education Technology System has been a national leader in educational technology for public school districts. A vital part of that effort has been strong partnerships with individuals and groups that continue to assist in the mission to provide students, staff, and families with quality educational technology service.